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Earn for free right now! Getting started video

Sunday, 23 June 2019 15:51 Written by 

If you are among the 1000s of new members who joined this past week, 
I'd like you to first personally welcome you to Hashing Ad Space!
It's a pleasure to have you with us.

2 videos to get you setup and informed about our business:

1. Getting started video here


A. Earn for free right now! (Login and earn for your first Asimi!)
B. Access your free 2000 banner ad impressions
C. Become an affiliate and earn commissions

2. The Hashing Ad Space Road Map Video

A detailed video of where we are headed over the coming years.


1. We have added direct access to our written articles in the back office.
You can use this as a reference for any questions you may have.
(Even if you have been a member since day one, you may find helpful information there)

2. We have implemented a 500 Stake limit. 
This means you can have a maximum of 500 Stakes active at any one time.
(Congratulations to the members that are already at that limit)

3. Minting promotion!
We are about to launch into our next round of Minting Rotator!
This will include new optimized pages to drive referrals.

Anyone included in the rotator will soon see a boost in new referral activity!
If you have been waiting... Now is the time to take action and get included in that rotator.
(Minimum 25 minting limit to be included)

Now is a powerful time to be stacking Asimi tokens!
View more, mint more, earn more :)
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