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How to Register as an Affiliate on Hashing Ad Space

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Log into your Hashing Ad Space account, and go to your Dashboard.  On the left menu ,click on the tab Sales Affiliate Centre. 


Then click on Become Affiliate.


There are some very nice benefits in store for those who refer others to Hashing Ad Space.

In addition to what is shown here you can receive 10% commissions on View 2 Earn purchases of advertising and 10% commission on all Asimi earned by your referrals who view ads in V2E.



Scroll down to find the Registration Form and fill out the box with the username you would like to use. 

Choose wisely, this name will appear at the end of your referral link, and it cannot be changed.  If the username you have chosen is already in use, you will need to choose another. 

There is no fee to become an Affiliate at this time and receive not only all of the commission benefits but all of the tools to be successful as an affiliate, such as Landing Pages and Banners.


Click on the button labeled  “Register”.


You will see a pop -up box requiring you to read the “Terms and Conditions”.

Click on the button Labeled “OK”.


The Affiliate Terms and Conditions are very important, you should read them carefully.  As a Sales Affiliate you will be introducing others to Hashing Ad Space and this must be done in the correct manner following all legalities and terms that you will read in this document.  

It is important you represent and present Hashing Ad Space correctly.

Read it carefully then click on the button labeled  “I Have Read and Agree”.


Once you have registered successfully you will see this message and be taken to the Affiliate Resources Page.


At the top of the page you will see your Sponsor’s name and email (your referring Sales agent).

Your referring Sales agent is the name of your Sponsor

Under that you will find the email of your Sponsor (referring agent).

Then you will find your affiliate (referral) link. 

This is the link you will give to others so they can register in Hashing Ad Space. 

In this screenshot the username is marked out. 

The Username you chose will be there at the end of your affiliate (referral) link.

You will also see several other links for Landing Pages you can use to promote Hashing Ad Space

Some are designed to share with those who want to build up a business and earn from minting.

Others focus on the outstanding and affordable advertising we offer in Hashing Ad Space.


You have available to you many banners of different sizes and styles. 

Some are static banners and there are also animated (gif) banners. 

All Banners and Landing Pages are coded with your unique Affiliate Link.



All banners have not only the code to copy and use in blogs and websites, but the URL link or direct link is also provided to use in advertising  platforms which require a URL.


At the bottom of the Affiliate Resources page you will find several PDF files that you can download.

These will help you to explain or present to others what Hashing Ad Space is and why they should be a part of it.




Full Presentation

Advertising Presentation

Earning Presentation

Affiliate Presentation

View to Earn Presentation



Create free account here.

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