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I wanted to test it... So I did. (Case study plus some advice)

Sunday, 15 September 2019 20:15 Written by 

With so much going on,
it can be hard to find the time to test the advertising 
for myself from time to time, which is, in fact, something that I enjoy...

I love building campaigns, testing them, 
measuring results, improving.. It's fun.

I have built my entire income for 7 years, 
generating Millions in sales in Affiliate Marketing... 

Deciding on the right product, 
finding people to show it to...
It can take some time to learn.. 
But then again, it can be very easy...

Here is an example of "easy"...

As you know, 
Hashing Ad Space offers targeted traffic
in the home-based business 
and cryptocurrency niche.

A "list" of people that we have already built for you.

It's simple, get your website link... Add it in...
We deliver views as our members watch the ads.

Now.. If you are somewhat experienced in online marketing
You would display a lead capture page.
As people enter that email for information,
you can show them what you have,
And follow up with them.
This is the preferred and most successful method.

However... I thought...

How about I do a quick test with views directly to a sales page?
What would happen with the most basic of campaigns?

So, I went to a product marketplace (JVzoo)
And found a product I thought might be good. (Pixielogo)
(You could use any products or product marketplace)

If you are not familiar with a product marketplace like jvzoo,
It works like this:

1. People add their products to the list and offer affiliate commissions if you sell them for them.

2. Affiliates (what I set up as) can choose from hundreds of products and sell them. 
(When the affiliate makes a sale, they get paid a commission)

- I selected a product...

- Created a campaign... (added the affiliate link in the Ad Minter)

- Within 4 days...
- Had my first commission! :)

Commission: $23.50 USD

That is a TINY example of how to earn commissions
Without any expertise needed.

Now, while it's nice to have earned $23.50 for 5 minutes work...
obviously $23.50 is not impressive by any means...

But it sure is a very clear example of how EASY 
marketing can be if you choose the right product for the right audience...

Imagine having 20 campaigns running? For months?

That's just one I chose..
I can tell you with 100% certainty 
you could find a product that converts better...

YOU can earn MORE money by selling products that people WANT in Hashing Ad Space. 

Find something you think will suit the Hashing Ad Space members...

  • Making money online offers
  • Affiliate offers
  • Affiliate tools
  • Affiliate resources
  • Training for online business
  • Cryptocurrency offers

TIP: The product I chose was an "affiliate tool"

Show them to the members... That's it

This got me thinking...

Let's make it even easier for you to make money!

So... Back by popular demand..
Ad minter Advertising Promotion!

For a limited time, we will DOUBLE the impressions 
you get in the Ad Minter so you can have a REAL go 
at making commissions this way.

Easy... Buy any Ad Minter Advertising package now and get 2X the views to your site. 
Purchase Asimi or BTC


You could look at that as 
a Saving of 50% AD MINTER TRAFFIC!
Quality traffic to your offers with our 100% "Staker only" viewing audience. 

One of the most powerful advertising products available!
Show your ad to REAL people interested in a home-based business. 

The example above is a SUPER SIMPLE
and tiny example of what you could achieve. 
I will continue to run the campaign as well as test other products. 
so I can continue to explain how easy this can be
(I may even make a training course 
explaining step by step how its done)

There are thousands of people online making 
more money per month 
than most people do in an entire year...

They have "worked it out"

They know the system for generating income..
And they know it starts with building an audience,
You need people to show your offers...
Best of all... YOU HAVE and audience waiting!
We have done the hard work for you...

10s of thousands of people ready to watch your ad!

Take charge of your online income...
CHOOSE to be a success story.

I have spent years working out the formula for making money online...
All of that is combined into Hashing Ad Space.

Now, YOU must take the initiative to sit down and get things done. 
(It is those people that make 5 figures a month)

The stage already is set.. 
It's your time to take control 
of your online business 
and push your income to the next level 
through affiliate marketing.

Buy Ad Minter traffic for your offer here.

(Then remember to email support and we will send you the BONUS Views)

You get twice as much traffic to your offer that can generate twice as much income!
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